Circular Economy: Challenge for all. Opportunity for you. Circular Economy: Challenge for all. Opportunity for you.

Circular Economy: Challenge for all. Opportunity for you.

Offer solutions now for the sustainability change and become a preferred supplier of products that are in global demand.

Sustainability should pay off –
for the environment and your business

We will assist you to cast a calm eye on the requirements for recyclable products, recyclate contents, and biodegradable plastic products, pick up speed, and harness the sustainability change as an opportunity to boost your economic success.

Ready for immediate startup

Practical product solutions for the Circular Economy

Employ our technologies and field-proven solutions for Circular-Economy products. Start now to benefit more from the sustainability demands of our times.

Circular Economy solutions

Produce recyclable products

Recyclable products are the foundations of a functioning Circular Economy. You, too, can supply products which are more in demand already than ever before.

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ALL-PE laminate
ALL-PE laminate
Fully recyclable packaging made from ALL-PE laminate – they are highly functional and excellent for conversion.
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CPP packaging film
CPP packaging film
Fully recyclable and FDA-compliant monostructural film made from CPP and BOPP – they leave nothing to be desired when it comes to transparency, rigidity, and abrasion resistance.
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Circular Economy solutions

Produce biodegradable products

Films and nonwovens that decompose in the environment given the right conditions are in great demand in the packaging and agricultural industries. Harness the trend.

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Hard packaging made from PLA
Hard packaging made from PLA
PLA film with excellent oxygen and aroma barrier for biodegradable food packaging producible on the same line in addition to PET film.
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Circular Economy solutions

Products made from recyclate

Face requirements for the use of recyclate calmly: Our lines use resources efficiently to process up to 100% post-consumer and post-industrial waste for the production of new products.

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Cups and trays
Cups and trays
Cups and trays made from PET and PET/PE scrap have an excellent carbon footprint through the use of energy-efficient direct extrusion.
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 Heavy duty sacks (HDS)
Heavy duty sacks (HDS)
PE heavy-duty pouches from multiple recycling, produced using the cradle-to-cradle process, retain their full performance despite a recyclate content of over 35%.
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Why decide between sustainability vs. economic feasibility? Make your sustainability officer and your CFO happy by deploying clever technologies.

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Our sustainability competence

The topic of the Circular Economy is a complex and dynamic one. Save your resources and use our know-how.

Experience gained from numerous inhouse developments and cooperation projects
Know-how on the possibilities and limitations of recyclate processing
A finger on the pulse of sustainability trends due to our experts in committees and initiatives
Field-proven, directly applicable product solutions for Circular Economy
Development engineers to advise and support you
Process know-how and clever technologies for maximum flexibility

We are members of these initiatives

FPA - Flexible Packaging Association
Petcore Europe
Circular Plastics Alliance
Holy Grail 2.0

Circular Economy

Our firm belief

When used properly, plastic makes a valuable contribution to a better, more sustainable world – in many cases, it is distinctly better than alternative materials. What we need now are solutions for sustainable plastic products and their production to raise their potential.

Our Vision
A sustainable world thanks to plastics.

A world where packaging becomes new packaging thanks to closed loop recycling. A world without waste.

Our mission

Making plastic the solution for sustainability.
We help manufacturers of films and nonwovens to provide answers to the important sustainability questions of this time. With our know-how, equipment and components, we provide the basis for sustainable manufacturing of products that pay off for the environment and the success of our customers.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Replace.

Close the loop

Our 4 principles of the Circular Economy

Our technology helps to save materials, energy, and emissions. Less is more when it comes to the Circular Economy.

Our services and upgrades help to prolong the service life of your equipment so that you can reuse your present assets.

Recycling is the key to a closed loop in the plastics industry. Our technologies help you to increase recyclate content and still achieve the required product properties.

A better way to produce recyclable products is to replace materials, such as certain mixed plastics and additives. We will assist you to do exactly that with our technology and our process know-how.

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On course for zero waste

Tracing and recycling plastics using digital identity.

Today, tons of plastic packaging are disposed in garbage instead of making new products since, at the end of their service life, it is impossible to determine the material they are made from, what ink was used for printing, or what their filling was.

As a result, we are working in the R-Cycle initiative to produce an open standard for the industry to provide packaging with a clear digital identification.

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