AR:DEL – The Reifenhäuser Academy AR:DEL – The Reifenhäuser Academy

AR:DEL – The Reifenhäuser Academy

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Keeping pace with innovation and operational excellence is crucial to gain a competitive advantage. Furthering qualifications for the future and qualifying workers to cope with continuous change are keys to success. Given the focus on productivity, performance, and commitment, enterprises should ensure that employees receive the necessary training and skills.

AR:DEL - The Reifenhäuser Academy prepares enterprises and employees to face future work challenges. We offer a wide range of training formats to help individuals upgrade their skills, build up basic knowledge, and advance existing qualifications. Our offer is intended for machine operators, production managers, and supervisors.


Our training offers

The AR:DEL Academy offers a variety of basic and expert training courses to meet the requirements of production. These range from high-quality training for machine operators and process training for foremen and production managers to training for sales and management.

Technical Line Training Basic

familiarizes machine operators with line technology, components, and processes. The aim is to achieve efficient line operation, reduce rejects, and provide training in maintenance and repairs.

Technical Line Training Advanced

turns machine operators into experts. The main topics are optimizing film quality, laboratory tests, and product design.

Many paths lead to the goal

Our learning methods

1. In-presence training

3. How-to-do explanatory videos

5. Certification and evaluation

2. Technical webinars

4. Practical training on lines

6. Remote learning tools (e.g. eLearning, quizzes, etc.)


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