Produce Biodegradable Products Produce Biodegradable Products

Produce Biodegradable Products

Produce Biodegradable products that meet the high quality requirements in the packaging industry.


Biodegradable plastics are in great demand

Films and nonwovens that decompose in the environment given the right conditions are in great demand in the packaging and agricultural industries. Harness this trend with our technologies and product solutions.

biodegradable products

Hard packaging made from PLA

PLA film form an excellent oxygen and aroma barrier for biodegradable food packaging. They can be produced on the same line in addition to PET film.


Yogurt pots
Drink cups, coffee cups
Cup lids for hot and cold drinks
Coffee capsules


Transparent (not heat-resistant)
Heat-resistant (hot drinks) C-PLA


Recover almost pure polyolefines by recycling
BVOH offers a barrier effect up to three times more efficient than EVOH
Lower content of other polymers well below 5%

Separating layers in recycling

The water-soluble barrier layer is flushed out in the recycling process. The residue is then almost pure polyolefines.


Option 1: Barrier thermoforming film line


REIcofeed PRO feedblock with edge encapsulation (7 to 11 layers)

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The Reifenhäuser barrier thermoforming film line can also run with composites based on PP or biobased PP – while retaining the same biological water-soluble barrier layer. Almost pure polyolefines remain after recycling.

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Option 2: Value:PET line

The alternative Value:PET line configuration for 100 kg/h comes with an attractive price/performance ratio.


lower price


shorter delivery time


faster start-up

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Biodegradable products

Barrier film (PVOH)

Biodegradable and recyclable barrier film made from PVOH that meets high requirements of functionality and sustainability.


Foodstuff packaging
Agricultural applications


Good barrier properties


Reduced film thickness

Technology (blown film)

Film recipe for biodegradable barrier components
EVO Extruder (special screw design)
5-layer technology
Ideal for small batches due to rapid order changes
EVO Ultra Flat Plus

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Diapers (PLA)

A biodegradable alternative to previous solutions: biobased diapers with bulky, soft topsheet made from high loft nonwoven fabric, industrially compostable, meeting the most stringent hygiene requirements for cover stocks.


Diaper topsheet


Industrially compostable
Economically competitive
Greater emotional proposition


PLA- and PET-capable RF5 spinbonding line with raw material pretreatment (crystallization and drying)
BiCo technology

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Other Circular Economy solutions

Products made from recyclate

Raise the recyclate content in your products now.

Products made from recyclate
Recyclable products

The recyclable alternative made from monomaterial. With films made from PP or PE.

Recyclable products
Reifenhäuser lines
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Nonwoven lines
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