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Evo Fusion

Direct processing of 100% recycling material.

Circular Economy in perfection: Processing plastic waste into new film without energy and cost intensive pelletizing.

EVO Fusion: Perfect for you if you

want to become a pioneer in the industry.

want to produce sustainably and profitably.

want to process materials that you could previously only dispose of

What prevents you from processing recycled material?

Recyclate in films are in demand, but in processing they are often unprofitable for you as a producer. Have you been afraid of the financial and time expenditure for the processing? We can help you process recycled material easily, efficiently and without energy and cost intensive pelletizing. Make films with a recycled content a profitable business and make yourself a pioneer in the plastics industry.


Producing with EVO Fusion

EVO Fusion


Good for the environment and margin

Sustainable production with EVO Fusion

Processing recyclate

100% recycled material and barrier films up to 30% PA

Processing biomaterial

Particularly profitable thanks to inline compounding

Save material

Through inline dosing of high filler content

Save energy

Thanks to direct extrusion without pelletizing and pre-drying

EVO fusion

The most important data at a glance

EVO Fusion

Layflat widths

800-2600 mm

Number of layers


Die diameters

160-600 mm

Extruder diameter


processes recyclate
processes organic raw materials
Biodegradable products
Recyclable cast film/nonwovens
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Technical Support
Technical Support
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After Sales Service
After Sales Service
Die head cleaning
Conversion from mono to coextrusion
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Spare Parts
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Research and Development
Research and Development
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AR:DEL Academy
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Applications and Industries
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Consumer Products
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Industry / Technology

Ultra Features

How to use the full potential of your EVO blown film line

Increase performance? Optimize film properties? Reduce manufacturing costs? With our Ultra Features you get the best out of your line.

Evo Evo

EVO Ultra Flat Plus

The perfect combination of moderate stretching for film flattening and stretching up to 100 percent to enhance specific mechanical properties - depending on the desired application. You can achieve both with our EVO Ultra Flat Plus stretching unit in perfection and with high energy efficiency.

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