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RF5 Spundbond

Produce unrivaled, thin, high-strength nonwovens.

Produce top-class spunbond quality that will convince even the most demanding customers.

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Exploiting the full market potential with top-quality nonwovens

Are you giving away potential business by not achieving the required nonwoven qualities for demanding applications in hygiene and medicine? With Reicofil RF5, we have developed a technology that takes your nonwoven quality to a new level and makes you a sought-after supplier for large markets.

Benefit from high-tech

Highlights of Reicofil RF5 technology

Min. basis weight
8 g/m²

Fulfill functionalities with the lowest possible basis weight

Max. Speed
1.200 m/min

Produce economically due to maximum productivity

Max. Output
270 kg/h

Benefit from the speed advantage even with higher basis weights

RF spunbond lines

The most important data at a glance

RF5 Spundbond Lines
Configurations S, SS, SSS
Line widths 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4200, 4400, 5200, 5400
Max. Speed on conveyor belt
1200 m/min
Max. Speed on winder 1400 m/min
Max. specific throughput SB
270 kg/h/m for SB
Max. specific throughput MB 70 kg/h/m
Basis weight 7 - 70 g/m²
Titer range for normal PP
1.2 - 1.8 den (higher on request)
Titer range for Metallocene 0.9 - 1.2 den
Raw materials

PP, PE inclusive
PET/PLA/Others optional
Bico optional
Semi High Loft and High Loft optional
Full High Loft optional
Applications and Industries
processes recyclate
processes organic raw materials
Biodegradable products
Recyclable cast film/nonwovens
Diapers (PLA)
Biodegradable products

Optional features

How to use the full potential of your RF5 spunbond line

More features or extra convenience? Choose from optional technologies and packages to customize the line for specific needs.

Package 1

The purest nonwoven you have ever produced

  • Enclosure of the spunbond and meltblown system
  • Ceiling above the wire belt
  • Protection for downstream equipment

Package 2

More time for really important things

  • Automatic press roll cleaner
  • Automatic belt cleaner
  • Automatic die inspection system

Package 3

Less waste of resources and money

  • Energy packages for calenders, winders, dryers
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Heating with gas
  • Heat recovery
  • Energy monitor

Full High Loft
For soft nonwovens with maximum thickness

With Reicofil Full High Loft technology, you produce optically absolutely uniform nonwovens that can compete with the fur of the cuddliest teddy in terms of softness and thickness. Ideal for hygiene (e.g. topsheet, backsheet) and filtration (e.g. pre-filters and depth filters).

For smarter production

Your plant is constantly producing valuable data. Don't let this potential lie dormant any longer. Our digital features help you produce more conveniently, profitably and intelligently.

  • Machine control
  • DRS Dashboard
  • DRS System Basis Module

For the combination of two raw materials in one fiber

The BiCo spunbond process combines two different raw materials in one fiber, opening the door to product properties that are unattainable with monofibers - for example, the combination of superior strength and formability.

Semi High Loft / High Loft
For soft and voluminous nonwovens

With Reicofil Semi High Loft and High Loft technology, you make products that combine stability with a soft surface. Ideal for applications in hygiene (e.g. topsheet, backsheet, leg cuff, cuffs).

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