How to save energy with the PAM option

Automatic dies constantly readjust themselves during the production of plastic extrusion products and thus ensure consistent, optimum quality. For this purpose, the mechatronic automation option PAM from Reifenhäuser consumes significantly less power than dies that are adjusted with thermal expansion bolts.

With the new automation option PAM - precise, autonomous, mechatronic - dies can be adjusted automatically and precisely via the extrusion line's operating panel. Unlike systems operated with thermal expansion bolts, with PAM mechanical screwdrivers take over the adjustment of the flex lip. Depending on the design of the die, it is also possible to autonomously adjust the pressure bar, width or lip opening.

Why does the PAM option reduce energy consumption?

This mechatronic system offers a major advantage in terms of energy efficiency: compared to dies that are adjusted using thermal expansion bolts, the PAM option saves energy. This is because thermal expansion bolts are normally controlled by heating cartridges, which permanently consume electricity. In contrast, the mechanical screwdriver only requires energy when it is making adjustments.

Save energy, reduce carbon footprint

How high the energy consumption is compared to a system with thermal expansion bolts depends on the particular die. For example, with a 3000 mm wide flat film die, switching from thermal expansion bolts to the mechatronic PAM option saves 130,500 kilowatt hours per year. The wider the die, the higher the energy savings.

Manufacturers benefit doubly from the reduced power consumption: not only is the payback time for the PAM option shortened, especially in times of increased energy prices. Manufacturers also reduce the overall energy consumption of their production and thus reduce their carbon footprint.

Levers for more sustainable production

The energy required to manufacture plastic products is not insignificant. But there are many starting points for improving energy efficiency. We have clearly summarized these and other levers for more sustainable production of films and nonwovens for you on a website:

Circular Economy and Carbon Footprint reduction
Learn more

Calculation example: Energy savings through the PAM option

Die 3000 mm wide flat film die
Energy consumption with PAM option 9934 kilowatt hours per year
Energy consumption with thermal expansion bolts 141912 kilowatt hours per year
Savings by changing from thermal expansion bolt to PAM option 131978 kilowatt hours per year

Increase productivity, improve quality 

In addition, the PAM option makes work easier for plant operators and offers manufacturers further economic benefits: For example, automatic die setting helps manufacturers to improve their OEE. The settings of recipes that have already been run can be saved and conveniently recalled and readjusted via the plant HMI as required. As a result, automatic die adjustment reduces product changeover times during operation - for example, by 78 percent in a cast application with internal width adjustment. In addition, manufacturers can reproduce quality and reduce waste.

6 advantages of the PAM option

Higher productivity
Better quality
Recipe memory for exact reproducibility
Save energy without thermal expansion bolts
Digital fingerprint for better traceability
Higher work safety for plant operators
Good Production
0 t/a

With the PAM option you produce significantly more barrier film per year, because you can change both the die and the coex system during operation


Faster changeover when changing the width of a cast application with internal width adjustment.

Energy savings

Change from thermal expansion bolt to PAM protects the environment and saves money. Example based on a 3000 mm wide wide slot die.

The PAM option is available for Reifenhäuser's factory-new dies and can be retrofitted to many die types already in use in production. PAM is suitable for dies for cast film production as well as for dies for the production of calendered film, and for dies for extrusion coating and sheet extrusion. PAM is also available for Reifenhäuser's Pro type coextrusion adapters. The automation option unfolds its full potential in the interaction of die and feedblock.

You would like to learn more about the PAM option? Then please feel free to contact us! 

Your contact for retrofitting the PAM option (manufacturer-independent)

Thomas Kreft
Thomas Kreft
Reifenhäuser Extrusion Systems
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Your contact for the PAM option in Reifenhäuser flat film lines

Lars Bergheim
Lars Bergheim
Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating
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