Ultrathin Coating Ultrathin Coating

Ultrathin Coating

Nonwoven-film composites with exceptionally low grammage

How to produce top quality independently and competitively

Produce competitive semi-finished products

    Reduce costs by up to 34%

      Comply with all relevant business standards 

        Overcome international supply bottlenecks to open up new markets

        The coronavirus pandemic and current supply bottlenecks have exposed the dependence of European companies on global supply chains - among others for medical personal protective equipment (PPE). This situation is both a warning signal and an opportunity to strengthen fundamentally the production of semi-finished products locally. With our patent-pending technology for Ultrathin Coating, companies can produce nonwoven-film composites competitively in the future - also in Europe, for example. This is made possible by a 28% reduction in material consumption and a cost reduction of up to 34% compared with the production of conventional semi-finished products.

        Sustainable, successful, and high-quality production 

        If you depend on foreign imports, you are currently forced to accept the fluctuating availability of essential products. With Reifenhäuser CSC's Ultrathin Coating technology, you can take advantage of the situation and become independent of suppliers by producing nonwoven-film composites independently, for example for the production of medical PPE. Then you benefit from versatile advantages, such as:

        Maximum product

        The composites produced meet even the most stringent quality standards and norms (for example, for medical PPE pursuant to DIN EN 13795 and
        EN 14126).

        Significant cost

        Ultrathin coating does not use hotmelt adhesives. The resulting reduction in material consumption results in 34% lower manufacturing costs (compared to coating processes using hotmelt adhesives) and less equipment maintenance.

        Excellent return on investment

        The ROI period for installing a new Ultrathin coating production line is under one year.

          International competitiveness

          These cost savings compensate for higher downstream conversion costs and guarantee competitiveness compared to imports that are offered at low prices due to low-cost conversion.

          Excellent raw material availability 

          Required materials are usually available locally.

          More sustainable production  

          Reduced material consumption makes production more sustainable and capitalize on an increased demand for such products.

          Lower grammage

          By reducing film grammage by 66%, nonwoven-film composites achieve an overall grammage that is 28% lower than comparable products, such as non-breathable laminates.

            Versatile applications

            Thanks to the variety of applications for the composites produced, the technology is also viable and profitable in the long term for other products besides PPE.

            The complete package for economical production

            Our Ultrathin Coating process is unique and a patent is pending. Reifenhäuser CSC offers the following:

            The technology
            The technology
            You receive an extrusion line customized to Ultrathin Coating.
            The recipe
            The recipe
            We provide you with detailed information on the production of high-quality composites.
            The know-how
            The know-how
            Our team of experts supports you with unique expertise, including adaptation to other applications.

            Are you already operating in the medical sector?
            Why it’s worth your while to set up your own production

            If you are already working in the nonwoven sector and have a line from our sister company Reicofil in operation, you can set up a downstream production line for semi-finished products coupled to the extrusion coating line adapted to it. In this way, you end up with a complete value-added process. Even if you already produce medical PPE and want to handle the coating process internally in the future, it is worthwhile setting up your own production facility instead of importing the composites you require.In either case, the investment in Ultrathin Coating usually yields a return on investment in under 12 months.

            Your benefits with Ultrathin Coating


            An in-house production of semi-finished products increases your flexibility and profitability instead of depending on imports.

            Economic efficiency
            Economic efficiency

            Fast ROI thanks to cost savings of up to 34%.


            Composites meet standards, such as the DIN standards EN 13795 and EN 14126 relating to surgical and medical gowns and drapes.

            User friendly
            User friendly

            Simplified line maintenance and handling.

            Government funding
            Government funding

            Due to the many subsidies available, you can really benefit from setting up a local production of high-quality nonwoven film composites.

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