Why extruding barrier film is more efficient with Reicofeed Pro

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Coextrusion Adapter PRO
It usually takes a great deal of time and experience to optimize layer distribution in barrier film due to their sophisticated rheological properties. The Reicofeed Pro coextrusion feedblock simplifies this task for line operators and improves overall line efficiency.

Reifenhäuser’s portfolio includes the Reicofeed Pro, a coextrusion feedblock that is suitable for all processors who want to produce multilayer composites with special requirements for layer thickness distribution, for example, barrier film. Its special feature: It is even retrofittable on existing lines. Here are three facts why you can extrude barrier film more efficiently with the Reicofeed Pro:

Shorter changeover times

The Reicofeed Pro is the quick solution for product changes. The special coextrusion feedblock allows changes to layer profiles and layer thicknesses in ongoing production - even for the middle layer.

This means: Unlike conventional solutions, the elements required in the feedblock for layer profiling need not be removed, machined, and refitted in a time-consuming process to adjust the layers. Instead, a central adjustment system in the Reicofeed Pro flexibly controls the profilers individually or in combination ‘on the fly’. This means that neither line stops nor setup times are required for a product changeover - this significantly reduces changeover times and increases overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Assuming a time saving of 90 minutes per product changeover, OEE increases by 3% with an assumed 10 product changeovers per month, or by 180 tons per year at an output of 1 tph.

Maximum flexibility

The Reicofeed Pro gives you more flexibility when selecting the raw material. Since the coextrusion feedblock can be adapted to the flow behavior of a given raw material in ongoing production, manufacturers can process a wider range of raw materials than just those that are adapted to their current feedblock setting. At the same time, the Reicofeed Pro ensures a high degree of consistency in film quality even if the raw material changes.

More efficient use of raw material

The Reicofeed Pro is the resource-saving solution for multilayer films. The coextrusion feedblock allows precise profiling of individual layers. This helps manufacturers to control the use of raw materials with pinpoint accuracy and avoid waste. After all, any deviation from the ideal single-layer thickness drives up production costs.

Not only that. The feedblock can be used to filter out expensive raw materials selectively, such as EVOH, from the edge trim of the film and replace them with less expensive raw materials. The Reicofeed Pro can therefore be equipped with a patented encapsulation unit. This dispenses with the need for an additional extruder, as is common with other systems.

The Reicofeed Pro coextrusion feedblock improves overall plant efficiency.