EVO Ultra Flat EVO Ultra Flat

EVO Ultra Flat

Film haul-off unit with patented, integrated flatness package for perfect blown film

Convert blown film with greater efficiency and at reduced costs: Gain a clear competitive edge for printing and laminating with perfect blown film with no flatness defects or camber.


Equip blown film line with EVO Ultra Flat.


Enhance film flatness by up to 40%.


Reduce conversion costs.

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Profit with perfectly flat blown film in conversion processes

Did you know that the flatness of your blown film significantly influences performance and cost-effectiveness in conversion processes? If you produce blown film with flatness defects or camber, the print speed must be reduced, the print image is poorer, and adhesion is worse during lamination. This means you consume unnecessarily more adhesive when laminating to other films and produce wider borders that can be easily avoided. With EVO Ultra Flat, you produce blown film that is up to 40% flatter and this means a faster ROI for you and your customers.

Flat blown film with EVO Ultra Flat

These film properties make you a preferred vendor

Flat film

Reduced camber

Reduced curling

Performance and cost-effectiveness

Your production advantages with EVO Ultra Flat

Advantage 1

Convert blown film faster

Higher print speed

+ 30

EVO Ultra Flat lets you use your printing press at maximum speed. The film no longer becomes a limiting factor. 

Advantage 2

Enhance the quality of conversion

Better print image

Improved film properties maintain print quality even at high print speeds. Reduced skiing in the film web in the press achieves high register precision and better print image.
Better lamination quality

Adhesion during lamination is improved since the film is flatter.

Advantage 3

Lower production costs

Reduce adhesive consumption

- 30

Flat blown film is easier to laminate to other films. EVO Ultra Flat reduces adhesive consumption and saves costs.
Reduce ink consumption

- 20

Greater register precision saves printing ink.
Save raw materials

- 10

Less camber reduces the necessary border width and therefore your material costs.


Customers appreciate the benefits of EVO Ultra Flat

We decided for the Ultra Flat Technology because it provides best film quality that will save costs on many levels. Our main objectives of the investment are increasing output, provide higher quality films, reduce the CO2 footprint by downgauging and ultimately increase our product portfolio.

Naji Abu Shehab
Managing Director, Jafra Plastic Industries


How you profit from the technology in practice

Other flatness systems on the market are positioned upstream of the winder. Ultra Flat is positioned directly behind the two-roll haul-off. Only this unique and patented position permits stretching using initial heat - to your advantage.

Stretching using initial heat for optimized energy efficiency
Quick success due to simple operation
Field-proven quality due to additional measurement system: Ultra Flat Measurement

"You too can benefit from all the advantages of EVO Ultra Flat in the production of blown film and profit from higher performance and greater cost-effectiveness in downstream processing.

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Discover more EVO Ultra features

EVO Ultra Flat Measurement
EVO Ultra Flat Measurement

Reproducible film smoothing - fully automatic: With our laser-supported flatness measurement, you can adjust your EVO Ultra Flat stretching unit conveniently and reproducibly via HMI input.

EVO Ultra Stretch
EVO Ultra Stretch

Perfect for recyclable mono-material applications: Thanks to maximum stretching, EVO Ultra Stretch raises the mechanical properties of your blown films to a new level. Replace PET films with standard PE films.

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EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS
EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS

Productivity at a new level: Our high-performance cooling system creates more output than any other system on the market while maintaining the mechanical properties and quality of your film.

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