EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS

EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS

How to get more for your money.

Our Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS Premium equipment package achieves output rates above 600 kg/h for customary form-fill-seal sack applications.

EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS: Ideal for you if you are looking for:

a leading edge on a fiercely contested market.

top output rates.

an attractive ROI. 

Boost your production to the next level with us

The constant further development of our blown film lines and features today ensures the highest output rates for form-fill-seal sack applications. More than 600 kg/h are possible for you.

Our EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS Premium equipment package is the perfect addition to the EVO 5-layer FFS line and scores points through:

High outputs - above 600 kg/h (depending on formulation).

Constant top film properties.

Suitable for all customary formulations.

High-precision, flow-optimized components.

Approx. 10% higher output than conventional FFS lines.

Simple line operation and process reliability.

EVO Ultra Cool 2.0 FFS

Application fields 

Other Ultra Features

How to leverage the full potential of your FFS blown film line

Increase performance? Optimize film properties? Reduce manufacturing costs? Our Ultra Features get the best out of your line.

Ultra Flat Plus

The perfect combination of moderate stretching for film flattening up to 100% to enhance specific mechanical properties – depending on the desired application. You can achieve both to perfection and at high energy efficiency with our EVO Ultra Flat Plus stretching unit.

Ultra Extruder

Process all raw materials. Our EVO Ultra extruders combine maximum flexibility with high throughput. This is made possible by the wide temperature range from 20 to 250°C in the heating/cooling shell in the feed zone.

Ultra Flat Measurement

Achieve ideal film flattening easily and quickly. Our automatic flatness measurement lets you adjust your EVO Ultra Flat stretching unit conveniently and reproducibly for each HMI input. The laser-supported inline measurement reliably determines the measured flatness value and takes over the precise adjustment of all parameters.

Ultra Stretch

Produce fully recyclable packaging films based on PE mono-material. With our EVO Ultra Stretch stetching unit, youn can reach a new level with maximum stretching of up to 1:10. Improve the mechanical properties of your film. Achieve
the same function as  PET Films with standard PE Films, as an example. Thus you ca replace  PE/PET with PE/PE mono composites for 100 percent recyclability. 

*Can also be used as EVO Ultra Flat.

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