If you don't ask, you pay more:

What an alloy
offers besides

This is perhaps the most important factor in the search for the most economical barrel wear protection. The most important
insight: Hardness alone is not the decisive factor at all.

Only the right questions
lead to better wear protection.
And to a longer barrel life per euro.

How is cost-effectiveness measured?

By the fact that wear protection with the same hardness offers a better cost-benefit ratio. Because the alloy performs better in critical details. And the surface supports the process.

How big are the carbides?

That should be your primary question when inquiring about nickel-based alloys. Our answer: ten times larger than those of the competition. They act as a particularly dense protective shield against abrasive forces. And with the same hardness.

What is the density of the ceramic phases?

This question should be asked for iron-based alloys. Then compare the concentration and size of the ceramic phases. Both are significantly higher with Reiloy. Your advantage: better wear protection for the same price.

We have more questions for you. Immediately followed by the answers!

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Reiloy rules

• Longer wear protection at the same price

Verifiable, longer barrel life

Precise matching of materials and their additives

Alloys with powders developed in-house

Process-optimizing surface with exceptional honing pattern

The best cost-benefit ratio in the industry

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