Technology for hygiene applications Technology for hygiene applications

Technology for hygiene applications

Producing material for applications that increase our well-being and quality of life.

Consistent quality for the highest demands

Product safety with our equipment

Medical and hygiene applications are subject to strict regulations, and products must frequently be produced under sterile conditions in a clean room. Here, complete and well-documented quality assurance is crucial to product safety and in some cases is mandated by law. While safety and functionality are absolute priorities in this market, the use of recyclate is inconceivable for producing some products. In the quest for more sustainable products, high material efficiency therefore plays a key role in medical and hygiene applications. Manufacturers that achieve the same functionalities with thinner films make an important contribution to reducing the carbon footprint and, incidentally, are more cost-effective in production.

Faster succesful

How to benefit 


Reifenhäuser technologies ensure the consistently high quality that
everyone in hygiene and medicine must be able to rely on.


Use state-of-the-art technologyies to optimize production processes and enable precise and more efficient processing.

Market trends

Adaptation of the equipment to different prodcution requirements in order to be able to react more quickly to market changes.

Less Material

Achieve the same functions with less material input and save costs.

Lines for Blown and Flat Films

Ensure safety and serve trends flexibly

The demand on their function is correspondingly high and it continues to increase due to various trends: Diapers today, depending on the region, should have different breathability, be lighter and thinner, and still meet high mechanical properties. Due to the aging population, we will need even larger quantities of such films in the future. High performance in production will therefore become even more important.

EVO Aqua Cool

Excellent transparency, gloss, puncture resistance as well as thermoformability make water-cooled blown fi lms the ideal material for infusion bags.

Value Cast Barriere 

Value Cast lines for producing barrier films give you the flexibility you need to produce films with different properties for medical and hygiene applications. Short
changeover times make switching between products commercially viable. Our clean room concept also means you can reliably meet the strictest hygiene requirements.

Lines for Nonwovens

With uncompromising safety.

In hardly any other sector is safety and cleanliness as essential as in the medical sector, especially in the highly critical operating room environment.The entire outfitting of medical personnel and work materials, such as face masks, gowns or wound dressings, would be inconceivable without nonwoven products. Nonwovens with highest barrier properties help prevent infections and protect lives. 

Backed by many years of expertise, we know what is essential, so we collaborate with experts from the medical engineering sector to develop the right products.

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