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Visual Assistance

Rapid assistance by smart glasses, smartphone, or tablet

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Live transmission

Become a service specialist yourself

If problems occur in production, rapid assistance is essential. Save valuable time by contacting Reifenhäuser Visual Assistance. All you need to do is place a call to us and our service experts can see what you see.

Direct from our headquarters, we provide you with assistance using smart glasses or other smart devices (tablet or smartphone) coupled with our Reifenhäuser Visual Assistance app to coordinate all technical processes on demand. Use our Visual Assistance for technical support in case of emergencies, maintenance work, or for the efficient assembly and commissioning of new production lines. Experts assigned to your project supervise your team step by step based on specific checklists.

Our experienced experts will guide your on-site installation team step by step based on specific instruction manuals and checklists. So nothing is left to chance.

Daniel Matjeko
Sales Manager
Daniel Matjeko

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Freely select your own hardware

Optional with smart glasses or smart devices (smartphone / tablet).

Bidirectional transmission

Both parties can share on-screen contents and access key documents.

Chat function

Automatic translation in over 100 languages.

Compatible with PPE

Combinable with safety helmets or safety goggles.

Adaptive image transmission

Automatic adaptation to the actual bandwidth.

Reifenhäuser Visual Assistance

How it works

In advance, your technician receives smart glasses from Reifenhäuser or downloads the Visual Assistance Mobile app to his or her terminal device. If servicing is required, a short call is all that’s needed. After authentication by a displayed code, your technician sends the on-site assembly activity live to the Visual Assistance Cockpit at Reifenhäuser. The technician then receives all the necessary information just when it is needed – on screen, by voice, or via the chat function.

Your benefits

Time- and cost-efficient.
Available worldwide.
Rapid assistance, especially in times of travel restrictions.
Know-how from experienced service experts.
Greater productivity by reduced downtimes.
Immediate assistance, maintenance, assembly, and commissioning.
Available for existing service packages and new contracts.

Reifenhäuser Diagnostic Center

Now available in the service package

Visual Assistance is now available as part of our Reifenhäuser Diagnostic Center (RDC) service packages. With these Service Level Agreements, we assist you to run your own production process and prevent a large majority of unscheduled disruptions. Upgrade your present Service Level Agreement now to RDC Professional Plus or Premium Service Package to obtain rapid support by Visual Assistance.

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