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Producing the highest quality flexibly and sustainably: We develop technologies that make our customers successful. With our comprehensive equipment portfolio, you can master any blown film application.

Reifenhäuser blown film lines

Highlights and Innovations

Ultra Features

How to use the full potential of your EVO blown film line

Increase performance? Optimize film properties? Reduce manufacturing costs? With our Ultra Features you get the best out of your line.

EVO Ultra Extruder

Process all raw materials. Our EVO Ultra extruders combine maximum flexibility with high throughput. The wide temperature range from 20 to 250°C in the feed zone makes it possible.

EVO Ultra Cool

EVO Ultra Cool takes your productivity to a new level: Our high-performance cooling system doubles throughput (die factor 1 to 2.5) while maintaining the mechanical properties and quality of your film.

EVO Ultra Flat

No more bagginess or camber: With our EVO Ultra Flat take-off, you simply produce perfectly flat film - energy-efficient with moderate stretching of a few percent. This speeds up subsequent printing and lamination processes and saves adhesive and printing ink.

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EVO Ultra Flat Plus

The perfect combination of moderate stretching for film flattening and stretching up to 100 percent to enhance specific mechanical properties - depending on the desired application. You can achieve both with our EVO Ultra Flat Plus stretching unit in perfection and with high energy efficiency.

Ultra Flat Measurement

Achieve ideal film flattening easily and quickly. With our automatic flatness measurement you can adjust your EVO Ultra Flat stretching unit comfortably and reproducibly via HMI input. The laser-supported inline measurement reliably determines the measured flatness value and takes over the precise adjustment of all parameters.

EVO Ultra Quench

For high transparency, formability and puncture resistance, water-cooled film is unbeatable. With our EVO Ultra Quench high performance water cooling and calibration unit you get maximum process stability with low energy and water consumption.

EVO Ultra Stretch*

Produce fully recyclable packaging films based on PE mono-material. With our EVO Ultra Stretch stretching unit, you can reach a new level with maximum stretching of up to 1:10. Improve the mechanical properties of your film. Achieve the same function as PET films with standard PE films, as an example. Thus you can replace PE/PET with PE/PE mono composites for 100 percent recyclability.

*Can also be used as EVO Ultra Flat.

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Competent advice and support for your line

Our consulting and service offer accompanies you from the first contact throughout the entire life cycle of your line.

Customer voices

Long-term partnership with our Partner of choice

Reifenhäuser Blown Film Polyrema has a long history in making extrusion lines that can effectively run various types of biopolymers. This expertise, the well-known reliability of their equipment and the ability to provide a customized solution for our facility made Reifenhauser the most viable partner!“

Amir Karim
President and CEO of Polykar

A close and good cooperation is very important to us, so we are glad that we were able to get a strong family business on board with Reifenhäuser. The modern technology of the Reifenhäuser Blown Film “EVO Series” will support us in the best possible way in the production of sustainable and innovative flexible packaging for South Africa!"

Michael Parkinson
Managing Director of DBC

Reifenhäuser makes blown film extrusion lines that fit Mid South’s needs, wide, flexible, high output and best of all perfect film quality. Our partnership with them starts with the great support we receive, the reliability of their equipment and the ability to provide a customized solution for our facility is what made Reifenhauser our partner of choice.”

Ron Mason
President and CEO of Mid South Extrusion
The company: <br> Reifenhäuser Blown Film
The company:
Reifenhäuser Blown Film
We are a unique competence network of highly specialized business units. The companies behind our blown film division are Reifenhäuser Blown Film, Blown Film Polyrema and Blown Film Plamex. They bundle our knowledge in the field of plastics extrusion technology for blown film production. From design to manufacturing, project planning, automation and process engineering. We are your reliable partner.
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Film Technology Center
Film Technology Center
Use our technological and personnel resources for your trials while your own production continues without interruption. As a customer, you have access to our Technology Center - the world's largest research & development center for plastics production.
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