Reiloy wear protection Reiloy wear protection

Reiloy wear protection

The better alloy for longer barrel life

With the same hardness, alloys from Reiloy offer significantly better wear protection and the best cost-benefit ratio in the industry.

Powerful combination of metallurgical expertise and manufacturing know-how

Precisely matched to the requirements of the raw materials used and their additives

Verifiably longer barrel service life compared to the competition

Only Reiloy wear protection is based on hard alloys developed and produced in-house with our own chemicals.

We have developed our own centrifugal technology for incorporation in our production facilities. This total production chain from a single source provides us with control over every process. This ensures unrivaled, consistent quality across a wide range of dimensions. To provide economical wear protection that is optimally matched to the raw materials used.

The economical choice

Reiloy wear protection highlights

Advantage: ceramic phases

Reiloy's iron-based alloys R121 and R131 offer better wear protection due to their significantly higher concentration and the larger size of the ceramic phases, but not at greater costs.

Advantage: larger carbides

Our nickel-based alloys R241 and R215 feature carbides that are ten times larger than those normally found on the market, making them much more resistant to abrasive forces.

Premium all-rounder

The microstructure of the nickel-based alloy R241 is optimized so that its wear protection is effective against particularly large numbers of attacks and permanently withstands even the most challenging raw materials.

Smart alternative

The Reiloy nickel-based alloy R239 offers market standard in
Reiloy quality. And at the same time reduces wear on the
screw. Your advantage: Reliable fulfillment of all
warranty requirements with greater margin leeway.

Process-optimizing surface

Reiloy wear protection is outstanding due to its unique surface quality and an extreme reduction in shrinkage cavities. The extremely stable honing quality of all Reiloy barrels across the entire range offers precisely the surface that is required for optimum wear protection.

"Our analyses have confirmed what is already taught in materials science studies: Wear protection depends not only on macro-hardness, but on the entire microstructure."

Dr. Anna Rottstegge
Head of Research & Development
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