When an Advanced Iron-Based Alloy R131 Makes Sense for You

Choosing the right wear protection for the cylinder of your plasticizing unit is often a balancing act. If it is too small, frequent downtimes due to high wear will reduce your profit. On the other hand, oversized components lead to unnecessarily high investment costs.

Especially if your raw materials to be processed are in the middle range - between simple and very demanding - our Advanced Iron-Based Alloy R131 is often exactly the right choice. Depending on the application, you can achieve more than three times the wear protection of the standard alloy (R121) without having to invest in a significantly more expensive nickel-based alloy. Find out here under which three conditions R131 is the right choice with which you achieve the best cost-benefit ratio:

Different Materials

You are planning to process very different materials on your line, such as tecnical plastics, high-temperature raw materials or material with a high filler content, which requires a high level of wear and corrosion protection. In that case, standard protection is often not sufficient and you should consider using a Reiloy Advanced Iron-Based Alloy R131.

High Wear

You have a standard alloy (Reiloy R121 or comparable) and regularly notice high wear. The necessary service intervals often cause downtimes, causing you to lose valuable production capacity and lowering your profit. However, the investment in a high-priced nickel-based alloy is out of proportion with your product mix and would burden the profitability of your line for a long time. With R131, you can now significantly increase your uptime in a profitable way while expanding the possible raw material range.

Oversized Alloy

You use an expensive nickel-based alloy in your line because standard wear protection would not be sufficient for your product mix. However, you have found over time that this alloy is oversized for most of your applications. With R131, you have the opportunity to save money without sacrificing performance and uptime. Switching from nickel to iron can also have a positive effect on screw wear, allowing you to use standard screws.

Would you like to learn more about our Advanced Iron-Based Alloy R131? Please feel free to contact us!

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