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Manege free – Reifenhäuser supports circus project of Asselbach School

Social responsibility
There were shining eyes, artistic interludes and a lot of fun for everyone involved - Reifenhäuser supported the circus project "Circus Tausendtraum" of the Asselbach School in Troisdorf. Thanks to the donation of 8,000 euros, the elementary school was able to carry out the circus project in October.

"We are delighted with the children and the booster club about this beautiful project and as a family business we were happy to support it"

Lisa Hoffstaedter
Member of the entrepreneurial family and sponsor of the project

The project is an educational school circus in which all the children of the school prepare a performance and then perform it in front of an audience in the big circus tent. The school tries to make sure that every child can participate in the circus once in his or her elementary school years. Circus Tausendtraum is a traveling project circus for schools and has been touring throughout Germany for over 20 years - including Troisdorf, of course.

Tanja Vendel (Chairwoman of the Friends of the Asselbach School), Petra Herrmann (Principal of the Asselbach School), Lisa Hoffstaedter (member of the entrepreneurial family), Martin Reinert (Deputy Principal of the Asselbach School), David Selle (Director of Circus Tausendtraum) (from left to right).

Foto: Reifenhäuser

So this Reifenhäuser donation helped Troisdorf school children to have an entertaining experience and shining eyes. They had grown together as a team in their groups and surpassed themselves in the individual performances.

As a thank you, the children of the Asselbach School sent us a signed poster after the circus project, which we are very happy about.

The children of the Asselbach School say thank you with a signed poster.