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Reifenhäuser donates almost half a million surgical masks to GFO Association

Social responsibility

The Troisdorf-based company still had around 450,000 surgical masks in stock after the official end of the Corona pandemic. Due to the large number and the long shelf life of more than two years, the company decided to donate the masks to the GFO association free of charge.

"We were very happy about the generous donation," says Sven Ploeger, specialist nurse for hospital hygiene and infection prevention at GFO Clinics Troisdorf. "We can still make very good use of the masks in our clinics now", Ploeger continues.

Reifenhäuser is also pleased that the surplus stocks of masks will be donated to a charitable cause. "Like so many companies, we provided a large number of masks to protect our employees during the pandemic. Since we still had a large stock of durable surgical masks after the pandemic, we decided to put them to good use", says Zheng-Yong Yang, Director Tax & Finance International at Reifenhäuser.

The masks were recently handed over to the central warehouse in Troisdorf of the GFO association.

Sven Ploeger, specialist nurse for hygiene & infection prevention (GFO Clinics Troisdorf) and Yasmin Awil Yassin, service worker (G-Service) are happy about the mask donation from Reifenhäuser.

Picture: GFO Kliniken Troisdorf

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