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NPE 2024: Reifenhäuser's new Coextrusion Adapter Flex enables perfect film profiling at the best price-performance ratio

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Coextrusion Adapter FLEX

Reifenhäuser Extrusion Systems is presenting its new Coextrusion Adapter Flex for the extrusion of cast, sheet and coating applications at NPE 2024 (May 6-10, Orlando, USA). With the new Flex model, Reifenhäuser customers now have a highly flexible and cost-effective system that complements the performance spectrum between the Fix and Pro models.

Precise film profiling enables manufacturers of multilayer films to significantly reduce their production costs. With Reifenhäuser coextrusion adapters, the individual layer tolerances can be perfectly adjusted so that only as much raw material as necessary is processed. Exceeding the ideal layer thickness, on the other hand, costs valuable margin and worsens the sustainability balance. The new Flex variant now completes Reifenhäuser's coextrusion portfolio and enables high flexibility in production at low investment costs.

Tim Bänsch, Product Manager at Reifenhäuser Extrusion Systems, explains: “The new Coextrusion Adapter Flex enables producers to quickly switch between different film structures or layer thicknesses. It therefore offers significantly more flexibility than the Fix version, but at the same time foregoes some Pro features in favor of an attractive price position. The Flex version is therefore our new - in the best sense of the word - mid-range model, which offers an optimum price-performance ratio, especially for producers with a changing product mix.”

The main unique selling point: Compared to the Fix version, producers can use the Flex to make quick changes to the film profiling on the system themselves using adjustable profiling inserts. For processing particularly sensitive materials such as PMMA or PC, the adjustable profiling inserts can be replaced with single-piece inserts once the perfect setting has been found. These enable better film quality due to their static geometry. Less demanding applications, on the other hand, can also be run permanently with profiling inserts.

Furthermore, channel packages can be used to quickly change the layer structure of the film (e.g. from ABA to ABB). The shear speeds are set automatically in relation to the percentage layer structure (e.g. from 10/80/10% to 20/60/20%). Compared to Reifenhäuser's top model “Pro”, film profiling on the Flex version cannot be carried out during the extrusion process or be fully automated. The reduced range of functions enables a significantly lower price and a more compact design, which is particularly advantageous for retrofitting existing systems with limited installation space.

“The Flex coextrusion adapter is the perfect choice for producers who want to switch regularly, independently and quickly between different film profiles and layer structures on their line. With our profiling inserts and channel packages, the changeover is quick and uncomplicated. For multi-layer composites with highest demands on the quality of layer thickness distribution, we recommend our Pro version, which also allows profiling during operation and can be adjusted fully automatically and mechatronically via electrical actuators using our PAM automation option,” explains Tim Bänsch.

Reifenhäuser will be presenting the Flex coextrusion adapter to the public for the first time at the NPE in Orlando (booth W6751).

More information about Reifenhäuser at NPE 2024:

From left to right: The Reifenhäuser coextrusion portfolio Fix, Flex and Pro. The new Flex variant offers fast film profiling at the best price-performance ratio.

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