Refurbishment flat dies, special dies and coextrusion feedblocks Refurbishment flat dies, special dies and coextrusion feedblocks

Refurbishment flat dies, special dies and coextrusion feedblocks

A complete refurbishment is often the cost-efficient alternative to replacing a component or machine, whether it is a matter of scratched dies, damaged edges, wear, or mechanical and electrical components that are in need of repair. We make your components fit for production again – and, by the way, this is independent of the original manufacturer. There are no limits to the possibilities.

State-of-the-art service equipment 

We analyze the need for repair and recommend a refurbishment tailored to your needs that will bring you up to the latest technical standards economically.

First, we record the existing melt flow channel geometry by 3D scan. Using this as a basis, we then recalculate and optimize the polymer flow using a rheological simulation software. Worn dies are then ready to face new demands, for example in an application with different raw materials and/or throughputs.

We leave nothing to chance: Final inspection, based on hightech processes and detailed human inspection.

Reifenhäuser Die-Refurbishment

Our Service

For all repairs and refurbishments the following applies: We record the complete geometry of a die. Then we reproduce the geometry completely or optimize it, and restore the die to the latest state of the art - mechanically, electrically and thus technically.

Minor on-site repairs
Flow channel change and recalculation
Replacement or modification of electrical systems
Special coatings
Complete refurbishments
Production of new restrictor bars, lips, etc.
Modification of inlet geometry
Service Hotline for Die Refurbishment
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We know all dies and coextrusion feedblocks. We are experts when it comes to refurbishment methods. We find the right solution for every challenge. We are at your service 365 days of the year to make your components fit again for their work in production.

Thomas Kreft

Teamleader Sales Force - Extrusion Dies

Tim Bänsch

Product Manager - Extrusion Dies

The refurbishment process

In our service center, our experienced refurbishment specialists revamp your extrusion tools to their original condition - regardless of the manufacturer, from flat dies to special dies to coextrusion feedblocks.

Dismantling and returning the component


After consulting with us, send us the component that requires a rebuild.

Inspection and analysis of the repair requirements


We make a detailed inspection of your component. We determine the repair requirements and log the results.

Mechanical and electrical report


We discuss the repair requirements for the component with you.

Cost estimate and recommendation


We have the right solution for every requirement. Therefore, we only recommend the refurbishment that is practical and sustainable for you.

Executing the refurbishment


We clean, overhaul, refurbish, coat, grind, polish, repair, and replace spare parts – whatever is necessary to restore the component to its proper function.

Final inspection of the refurbishment


The final inspection of the refurbished component is based on the same strict criteria as the final inspection of our new components.

Returning the component


We send back the refurbished component to you. If required, we provide support for refitting.

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