Blown-Film Die Head Cleaning Blown-Film Die Head Cleaning

Blown-Film Die Head Cleaning

Save time and costs

Benefit from a complete service

Increase blown-film die service life

Achieve top film quality

Our complete service

Save time and costs for blown-film die head cleaning and benefit from our complete service – a conserving and efficient process to clean your production dies. You benefit from short process times, avoid premature disruptions in film production, and prolong the service life of blown-film die heads.

Inhouse Vacuum Pyrolysis Furn

Our inhouse vacuum pyrolysis furnace burns off organic substances and polymers in carbonization gases at temperatures above 430°C for the complete thermal cleaning of dies and machine parts.

The short throughput times are much faster than for manual cleaning. In addition, the process is much gentler on materials, lessens the risk of surface damage, and costs far less.

Professional blown-film die head cleaning

Services covering the complete cleaning process


Dismantling the blown-film die head


Fully automatic cleaning control in the pyrolysis furnace

Blaskopf vor der Reinigung

Electronic documentation of the pyrolysis process

Werkzeug Überprüfung

Dies inspected for damage

Manual reworking and polishing

Manual reworking and polishing

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