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RF Smart Spunbond

Produce profitably for upcoming markets.

Standardized spunbond lines for smaller markets with short return on investment.

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Get your RF Smart spunbond line up and running for smaller markets

Produce profitably quickly with top quality

For smaller markets, less is more

Producers who produce for smaller or emerging markets have often had a hard time. Nonwoven lines that produce good quality are often too large of an investment and deliver too much capacity. Reicofil has developed the RF Smart spunbond line to make it easier for you to enter such markets securing a quick return on investment.

Clevere Features

Highlights of the RF Smart spunbond line

RF Smart RF Smart

Produce top-quality spunbonded nonwovens

With the product quality of RF Smart lines, you qualify as a supplier for hygiene nonwovens and medical nonwovens. You will always consistently meet the high requirements in these markets, even with low basis weights.

RF Smart RF Smart

Always deliver reliably

Never worry about productivity and on-time delivery again. RF Smart spunbond technology is among the most reliable spunbond technologies on the market.

- 8,200 production hours / year guaranteed

RF Smart RF Smart

Uncomplicated integration into existing empty buildings

To get you up and running quickly, RF Smart technology makes setting up production easier than any other technology.

  • No basement required
  • Integration into existing empty buildings possible
  • Consulting for planning and implementation
RF Smart RF Smart

Produce soft and voluminous nonwovens

Serve the current trend for softer and bulkier nonwovens. Your RF Smart system is high-loft capable. You can simply add the technology required for this as an option.

RF Smart RF Smart

Carefree planning and implementation

When you set up a production facility, you have a lot to consider. We save you sleepless nights with our competence and experience from hundreds of successful projects. We accompany you from project start to end: The initial planning of the production facility; The installation and commissioning of the plant; The training of your employees; Lastly, ongoing year round service and support.

Optional features

How to use the full potential of your RF Smart spunbond line

Thanks to smaller invest:


With RF Smart plants you reduce your investment costs and start production faster because the plant is highly standardized and can be integrated into your existing empty buildings.

Thanks to top quality:

Sales prices

Your RF Smart line produces nonwovens of the highest Reicofil quality - ideally suited for hygiene and medical applications.

Thanks to moderate capacities:


High capacities are only advantageous in large markets. The RF Smart system is adapted to the requirements of smaller markets, ensuring you profitable local production.

Thanks to reliability:


Your RF Smart equipment is as reliable as any RF equipment: at least 8,200 annual production hours. Guaranteed. Count on predictably high productivity and reasonable payback time.

RF Smart Spunbond Line Compact:

The most important data at a glance

RF Smart Spunbond Lines
Configurations S, SS, SSS
Line widths 1600, 2400, 3200
Max. Speed 800 m/min (on conveyor belt)
880 m/min (on winder)
Max. specific throughput 180 kg/h/m
Basis weight 8 - 70 gsm
Titer range 1.5 – 2 den (normal PP)
1.1 – 1.5 den (Metallocene)
Raw materials PP, PE
Bico-Technologies optional
Semi High Loft, High Loft optional

Applications and Industries
processes recyclate
processes organic raw materials
Biodegradable products
Recyclable cast film/nonwovens

Optional features

How to use the full potential of your RF Smart spunbond line

More features or extra convenience? Choose from optional technologies and packages to customize the line for specific needs.

For smarter production

Your line is constantly producing valuable data. Don't let this potential lie dormant any longer. Our digital features help you produce more conveniently, profitably and intelligently.

  • Machine control
  • DRS Dashboard
  • DRS System Basis Module

For the combination of two raw materials in one fibe

The BiCo spunbond process combines two different raw materials in one fiber, opening the door to product properties that are unattainable with monofibers - for example, the combination of superior strength and formability.

Semi High Loft / High Loft
For soft and voluminous nonwovens

With Reicofil Semi High Loft and High Loft technology, you make products that combine stability with a soft surface. Ideal for hygiene applications (e.g. topsheet, backsheet, leg cuff, cuffs).

More time for really important things

  • Automatic press roll cleaner
  • Automatic belt cleaner
  • Automatic die inspection system

Ensure profitability

Reicofil Service

We help you achieve long-term production success and support you in expanding your business with existing equipment. We are at your side with support, advice, know-how and services - in person, by phone and remotely. Do you already know the following services from us?

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Our service experts use detailed checklists to analyze and document the condition of your plant and identify potential wear points that could affect your production processes.

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Nonwoven lines

Production lines are long-term investments - some with service lives lasting several decades. At the same time, technological development takes place at a never-ending pace in many areas. Therefore, check your line regularly for any modernizations that may be available. This will reduce energy and material consumption, simplify operation, and increase product quality.

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