Cast film lines

Value CPP Ultra Wide

Tailor-made cast film lines for customized CPP and CPE film.

Cast polypropylene films (CPP film) are the standard used for packaging film in the food and industrial sectors.

Many components

Field-proven and continuously optimized components in over 300 installations.


due to smart recipe management system.

Regenerative types
up to 70%

obtained using Reitruder twin-screw technology.

Optimized OEE
over 90%

On-the-fly adjustment makes it profitable.

Applications, industries, and line concept

Reifenhäuser Value CPP Ultra Wide

CPP films offer the best solution regarding transparency (appearance), printability, metallization, and sealability.

Value CPP Ultra Wide lines cover the entire bandwidth of these applications. The line concept is tailor-made for a custom film product and to meet specific customer requirements.

A melt is produced by an extruder from a PP granulate. Up to 5 individual layers are superimposed by a feedblock and expanded in a flat die to widths up to 7 m. The downstream casting process includes a cooled roll to finish the film to the required properties.


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Value CPP Ultra Wide applications

Overview of all industries and applications

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Value CPP Ultra Wide
Packaging Films (CPP with BOPP)
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Optional components

How to use the full potential

Value CPP Ultra Wide lines permit the use of a wide range of components.

REIcofeed Pro Coextrusion Feedblock

Saves raw materials Achieves extremely thin function layer

RA winders

Inline cutting of up to 8 uses for direct conversion in custom roll widths

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