Blown film lines

EVO Micro

Laboratory trials and production runs for narrow layflat widths.

Test under real conditions and efficiently produce small order volumes - both on the same line. With our EVO Micro, you can run economical tests with maximum resource efficiency and results that are 100% transferable to large industrial lines. At the same time, you can also flexibly serve small orders for narrow films that are not profitable on large high-performance systems with complex start-up processes. Profit from short product changes.

EVO Micro: Perfect for you if you

develop new recipes and processes in-house.

    want to run tests efficiently but under transferable conditions.

    need flexibility and want to efficiently handle small order volumes with frequent product changes.

    Efficient research and development

    Would you like to regularly develop your film recipes or production processes without disrupting your operations? Then invest in an EVO Micro blown film line. Small throughputs, low energy consumption and a small footprint make it the ideal line for research and development. Run your trials with low raw material consumption parallel to the actual production and independent of the R&D capacities of external suppliers. The scalability to large high-performance lines is unique.

    Since our EVO Micro lines have the same equipment as our "big" EVOs, they can also be used for the production of narrow layflat widths from 300 - 1000 millimeters. The line is thus ideally suited as a flexible and efficient supplement to large blown film lines.


    Producing with EVO Micro

    EVO Micro


    Good for the environment and margin

    Sustainable production with EVO Micro

    Save energy

    Consume less energy for your research.

    Save raw materials

    Reduce your use of raw materials for test purposes.

    More efficient processes

    Make your production processes more efficient through continuous in-house research.

    EVO Micro:

    The most important data at a glance

    EVO Micro

    Layflat widths

    300–1000 mm

    Number of layers


    Die diameters

    40–400 mm

    Extruder diameter

    30–80 mm

    processes recyclate
    processes organic raw materials
    Biodegradable products
    Recyclable cast film/nonwovens
    Flat Die Rework
    Recyclable products
    Technical Support
    Technical Support
    Technical Support
    Smart Remote Service
    Process Engineering Support
    Visual Assistance:
    Hotline „Technical Support“
    After Sales Service
    After Sales Service
    After Sales Service
    Die head cleaning
    Conversion from mono to coextrusion
    Spare Parts
    Spare Parts
    Original Spare Parts
    Hotline „Spare Parts“
    Research and Development
    Research and Development
    Research and Development
    Hotline „Research and Development“
    AR:DEL Academy
    AR:DEL Academy
    AR:DEL Academy
    Hotline „AR:DEL Academy“
     Applications and Industries
    Consumer Products
    Consumer Products
    Industry / Technology
    Industry / Technology

    Ultra Features

    How to use the full potential of your EVO Micro blown film line

    Increase performance? Optimize film properties? Reduce manufacturing costs? With our Ultra Features you get the best out of your line.


    EVO Ultra Flat Plus

    The perfect combination of moderate stretching for film flattening and stretching up to 100 percent to enhance specific mechanical properties - depending on the desired application. You can achieve both with our EVO Ultra Flat Plus stretching unit in perfection and with high energy efficiency.


    EVO Ultra Extruder

    Process all raw materials. Our EVO Ultra extruders combine maximum flexibility with high throughput. The wide temperature range from 20 to 250°C in the feed zone makes it possible.


    Ultra Flat Measurement

    Achieve ideal film flattening easily and quickly. With our automatic flatness measurement you can adjust your EVO Ultra Flat stretching unit comfortably and reproducibly via HMI input. The laser-supported inline measurement reliably determines the measured flatness value and takes over the precise adjustment of all parameters.

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