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EVO Agriculture

Large films, low material consumption.

In agriculture, size counts: with EVO Agriculture, you can produce films with a circumference of up to 24 meters - for example for use as mulch or silage cover films for best crop yields. Thanks to its multi-layer structure, you save material while at the same time achieving outstanding product properties.

EVO Agriculture: Perfect for you if you

want to flexibly produce different film dimensions and applications on the same line.

are looking for high functionality and performance with up to 7 layers.

want to significantly reduce your material consumption.

High-performance multi-layer films in XXL format? No problem!

They have long been standard in the production of food packaging: multilayer films achieve a wide range of functionalities, such as special barrier properties. With EVO Agriculture Technology, we now also offer configurations with up to 7 film layers especially for the production of agricultural film. This allows you to distribute special additives specifically for your application over several and thinner film layers. The raw material requirement is reduced - the product properties are retained.


Producing with EVO Agriculture

EVO Agriculture


Good for the environment and margin

Sustainable production with EVO Agriculture

Processing Recyclate

Conserve resources and process a high proportion of recycled material.

Processing Biomaterial

Compostable films 100% biodegradable.

Save Material

Thinner layers with consistent product properties.

Save Energy

20 percent higher productivity thanks to extruders with low-temperature screws.

EVO Agriculture:

The most important data at a glance

EVO Agriculture

Layflat widths

up to 4300 (oscillating take-off system)

up to 6500 mm (stationary take-off system)

Number of layers


Die diameters

600–2500 mm

Extruder diameter

70–200 mm

Biodegradable mulch films
Biodegradable products
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Technical Support
Technical Support
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AR:DEL Academy
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Applications and Industries

Optionale Features

How to use the full potential of your EVO Agriculture blown film line

Increase performance? Optimize film properties? Reduce manufacturing costs? With our Ultra Features you get the best out of your line.


EVO Ultra Extruder

Process all raw materials. Our EVO Ultra extruders combine maximum flexibility with high throughput. The wide temperature range from 20 to 250°C in the feed zone makes it possible.

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