Spinnerets and microcomponents Spinnerets and microcomponents

Spinnerets and microcomponents

Spinnerets and microcomponents for machine manufacturers and producers of filaments who demand the highest quality from their product.

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High fiber quality requires extreme precision

Are you a mechanical engineering company or a producer of fibers and yarns? Do you expect the highest standards from your products? Are you looking for new solutions? We assist you to produce top quality with our spinnerets for nonwovens, melt spinning, wet and dry spinning, and microcomponents manufactured to high precision.

High-tech spinnerets from Enka Tecnica

Customized Filaments

Jet strips for water-jet hardening

Compared to conventional coating solutions, they have a longer service life, an unbeatable price/performance ratio, and extremely fast delivery times.

Spinnerets: This is where precision is required

100 years after Christian Friedrich Eilfeld invented the metal spinneret, nothing has basically changed in the functioning principle of either the dry or wet spinning processes.

Microcomponents for filtering liquids

Medical engineering, sterile environments, and drinking water supply have very high requirements when it comes to reliable filtration and diffusion processes.

Nonwovens, melt spinning,
wet and dry spinning


We invented the metal spinneret in 1910. Since then, we have focused entirely on the essentials: hole accuracy, homogeneity within the spinneret, and component properties to achieve maximum performance in production.

for nonwovens

Are you looking for something special? Do you want to enhance line performance and have some ideas already? We will implement them.

Complete spin beams up to 8m long
Feed plates
Perforated plates
Coat hangers

Spinnerets for
melt-spinning process

Customized, very long-life spinnerets to produce filaments and staple fibers in the melt-spinning process.

Round and profiled capillaries
High-quality coatings

Wet and dry
spinning processes

Spinnerets, supporting devices, and spinning packs to produce high-quality products in wet and dry spinning processes reliably.

Process acetate tow, viscose, aramid, etc.
Long service life through use of precious metal alloys
Round and profiled hole shapes
Hole densities far more than 100,000 orifices

The design of spinnerets is more than just drilling holes – it depends on the layout and profiles of the capillaries, the discharged fibers, and the intended fiber application.”


Jet Strips

Jet Strips from Enka Tecnica are extremely hard. This quality advantage pays off for you in significantly longer service lives. And when it comes to the crunch, we not only deliver faster, but also cheaper than others. So that your machines do not stand still.

Your benefits

Available in various layouts
Available in various dimensions
Available in various hole densities
Available in various material hardnesses
Longer service life
Fast delivery time
Unbeatable price/performance ratio

Safety through precision


Filtering liquids using hollow fibers and membranes has become indispensable in both the healthcare sector and in public drinking water systems. Enka Tecnica manufactures hollow-core spinnerets and spinning packs to make sure you have the best quality needed for this.


Calibration dies
Critical dies
Adhesive dies
Precision parts with microstructures
Special tools for micromachining



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