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It’s absolutely indispensable to clean blown-film die heads, dies, and other components. How our special Reifenhäuser cleaning services help you to shorten line downtimes.

When deposits, impurities or combusted particles become visible in the film or drops and defects in nonwovens, it's high time to clean the line thoroughly. Otherwise, there is a risk of complaints or entire rolls may become unsellable. On the other hand, regular cleaning intervals ensure quality, guarantee production reliability, and extend line service life.

Special feature: Processing recyclate

When recyclate is processed into film, more impurities are deposited in the extrusion line than with virgin material. Cleaning intervals are must then be shortened. Find out more about the challenges and solutions if you want to increase the proportion of recyclate in your production.

The Reifenhäuser Group therefore offers a wide range of services, from inspection, professional maintenance and cleaning through to the repair and upgrading of various components. This includes services and technical features that significantly reduce cleaning time:

1. Special pyrolysis furnaces for faster blown-film die head cleaning 

For example, a blown-film die head repeatedly causes time-consuming cleaning work. During all this time, the blown film line is at a standstill: The reason: Not only does the blown-film die head have to be removed from the line, it must also be disassembled into its individual components. The cleaning personnel then has to remove soiling from all the surfaces using dry ice and scrapers.

Instead of all this, Reifenhäuser Blown Film has its own in-house vacuum pyrolysis system to clean blown-film die heads. Deposits automatically decompose at temperatures of over 430°C (806°F) and all components are cleaned completely and extremely carefully. Fast throughput times shorten process times drastically compared to manual cleaning, also because the final inspection of the unit for damage is already included in the complete service for blown-film die head cleaning.

Various packages for blown-film die head cleaning

Reifenhäuser Blown Film offers different cleaning packages - Basic, Advanced, Professional - always tailored precisely to your needs. We will be more than happy to provide you with a customized offer.

Learn more

2. Direct inline die cleaning 

Cleaning flat dies also requires considerable time and leads to long production downtimes as the dies must be completely disassembled. An added difficulty is that suitable crane systems or heating stations are not always available. And this poses the risk of damaging the die during the cleaning process. Reifenhäuser offers you two technical solutions that allow you to clean your dies reliably and thoroughly, and reduce cleaning time by 30 to 50%. 

A special die trolley receives the flat die directly
off the line and is equipped with power connections to keep the die at the right temperature for the cleaning procedure. These service trolleys are designed for the particular dies installed in the lines and can be fitted to your specifications. 

Die cleaning kit 

Including scrapers and die soap Reifenhäuser offers you a special cleaning kit to clean sensitive surfaces carefully. Feel free to contact us.

Another alternative is to order a special inline opening system when you are planning a new line. The system moves the die components apart and cleans them without removing them from the line. A genuine time- and work-saving feature. These two technical solutions help producers to service their dies themselves. Specialists from Reifenhäuser will provide support for any additional maintenance work and repairs.

3. Replacement dies to minimize line downtimes 

Cleaning dies on nonwoven production lines is time-consuming, but is normally easy to plan. Reifenhäuser Reicofil offers you a complete all-round service by sending their on-site specialists - including coordination and spare parts. This service also includes replacement dies that cut line downtimes by half. The service team replaces the soiled spinnerets with units that were already cleaned and serviced. After removing the dies, they are cleaned at the Reifenhäuser plant and, if required, are refurbished in a die rework process. This eliminates cleaning times for the producer and production can resume more quickly.

If you want to learn more about which cleaning services can help you shorten line downtime, please contact us.

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