Ensure line availability with original spare parts from Reifenhäuser

Original Spare Parts
If an extrusion line fails due to a defective component, valuable production time is lost. Reifenhäuser offers manufacturers fast spare parts shipments and customized spare parts packages to help them take the necessary precautions.

Wear can be delayed in film production - but not avoided. Parts that are in direct contact with the film or are subject to temperature fluctuations are especially exposed to constant stress and require replacement after a certain period of production. Other parts on an extrusion line also reach the end of their life cycle at some point in time. When a part finally fails - no matter how small it may be - the entire line may come to a standstill. And that can be really expensive. Assuming a film production of 1000 kg/hour and a sales price of €2/kg, a plant standstill of only 24 hours can lead to a loss of sales of €48,000.

Reifenhäuser spare parts services are the solution. Manufacturers can either order spare parts when needed - or stock a custom spare parts package in-house. In either case, customers benefit from original spare parts from Reifenhäuser.

Original spare parts for top quality

The long-life spare parts from Reifenhäuser comply with the high OEM quality that customers of Reifenhäuser extrusion lines are accustomed to. They are either produced directly at Reifenhäuser or ordered from the same suppliers. This is supplemented by expert advice from the Reifenhäuser service team and, on request, service parts can be parameterized.

Option 1: If required, access to global spare parts inventories

Reifenhäuser keeps more than 25,000 different parts in stock worldwide for manufacturers who reorder spare parts when needed. Inventories are regularly checked and optimized according to customer requirements to ensure the best possible availability. Even before the current crisis, for example, Reifenhäuser launched a special action to significantly increase its existing spare parts inventories. "Our customers are still benefiting from these inventory increases today,” says Michael Ntagas, Director After Sales Services at Reifenhäuser.

The challenge for manufacturers: Nobody ever knows exactly when a part needs replacing. How long it takes for the required spare part to arrive varies from case to case. However, the parts - if in stock - are usually ready to ship in 24 hours.

Service Mitarbeiter beim Versand von Reifenhäuser Original Ersatzteilen

Option 2: Plan ahead with your own spare parts stockpile

Manufacturers who stock their own spare parts inventory have maximum planning security for their production. "This makes customers even more independent from the still very tense situation on the procurement market and allows them to respond very quickly to failed parts and shorten plant downtimes," says Ntagas. When it comes to parts that wear out more frequently - filters, barrels, and heating jackets, for example - stockpiling spare parts in advance is also a way to avoid downtimes. In addition, manufacturers who stock spare parts can take precautionary measures against age-related discontinuation of parts.

Reifenhäuser offers customers various spare-parts packages that are sold with new equipment, but can also be reordered:

“Basic”: simple wear parts
“Advanced”: “Basic” package + critical spare parts for haul-off and winder
“Professional”: "Basic" + "Advanced" packages + critical spare parts for extruder and automation

The packages are adapted to the requirements of the customer’s line by the Reifenhäuser service team. "As an original equipment manufacturer, we are familiar with the parts lists of the lines and know from our experience which parts need to be replaced after a certain service life," says Ntagas. In addition, packages are less expensive than if parts are ordered separately.

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Services to ensure production reliability

Spare parts packages are particularly worthwhile for lines that are up to ten years old. Some spare parts may no longer be obtainable for older lines since the technology has evolved. In such cases, however, old lines can be upgraded by modernizations to make them operable for the future. Service life and performance can also be extended by servicing and maintenance services, for example cleaning packages, offers for refurbishing dies and coextrusion adapters, and the professional repair of production lines. "We are happy to advise our customers on which of the various service packages are suitable for them," says Ntagas.

Are you interested in individual spare parts, our spare-parts packages, a line service, maintenance or modernization? Then contact us.