Increase occupational safety with PAM automation

Control flat die and coextrusion adapters completely contact-free and safely.

How to increase work safety with PAM flat die automation

On a manually controlled flat film extrusion line, the machine operator has to adjust the layer distribution, film thickness and width on the die and feed block using a large number of adjusting screws. This work on the so-called hot part of the line naturally poses a risk to occupational safety. With the Reifenhäuser automation option PAM (precise, autonomous, mechatronic), operation is completely contact-free using electromechanical actuators, making it much safer.

Accidents at work resulting in personal injury are the worst case scenario. Production companies should therefore take all available measures to rule out any risk to life and limb. In high-tech markets, such as North America or Europe, there are also strict legal requirements for occupational safety. Production employees must be suitably qualified or undergo extensive in-house training.

Why does the PAM option increase occupational safety?

PAM enables autonomous and mechatronic adjustment of the coextrusion adapter and die. The system controls the layer distribution, the flexible lip and, depending on the die version, the restriction bar, the width adjustment and the lip opening via the adjustment of the lower die lip. Several mechatronic actuators move each adjustment screw in turn and make the desired setting quickly and with high precision - conveniently controlled via the system's control panel. The operator comes into contact neither with hot metal elements of the system nor with the hot melt itself. Burns or other injuries caused by working on the running extrusion system are therefore ruled out.

Fully automated dies and coextrusion adapters

The Reifenhäuser PAM system is available for flat dies from all manufacturers as well as for the Reifenhäuser Pro coextrusion adapter - the only coextrusion system on the market that enables the profiling of individual film layers while the line is running. PAM automates the setting of the layer distribution via mechatronic actuators, so that no manual intervention on the running line is necessary. The settings selected on the feed block and die for recipes that have already been run can be saved and conveniently called up and reset as required via the system HMI.

Manufacturer-independent upgrading 

The PAM flat die automation system is available for both Reifenhäuser and third-party dies. It can be installed for new dies or as an upgrade solution. This allows processors to modernize their existing production equipment cost-effectively. The automation of the flat die considerably simplifies system operation. However, PAM unfolds its full potential in the interaction between the die and the coextrusion adaptor Pro from Reifenhäuser.

Independent, efficient and sustainable

In addition to the contactless and therefore safer system operation, with PAM processors also become less dependent on experienced system operators. Adjustment is fully automated at the touch of a button and is therefore always equally precise. PAM also significantly reduces start-up and product changeover times during operation. This reduces production waste, which saves on material costs. PAM automation is also more energy-efficient than conventional automatic expansion bolt systems, as the mechatronics only need to be supplied with power sporadically and not permanently.

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