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Flat Film
Canlon is one of the largest film manufacturers for waterproof membranes in the Chinese market. The company places high quality demands on its products and relies on Reifenhäuser's many years of experience to expand its production.

Canlon offers proven and innovative membrane solutions that incorporate the latest waterproofing technologies to protect residential, commercial and infrastructure projects in the world's harshest climates. Canlon waterproofing membranes are embedded into the concrete structure like a second skin to significantly reduce the risk of leakage by blocking water migration between the waterproofing membrane and the concrete structure. In this way, the films fulfill an important structural production requirement, because if moisture cannot escape reliably, structural damage is foreseeable.

Canlon supplies the global market and relies on applications made of HDPE, TPO as well as PVC polymers for its products. Three identical Reifenhäuser sheet film lines are in operation at Canlon for the production of HDPE films. Equipped with two twin-screw extruders each, mechatronic sheet lines and a hot section specially designed for the local raw materials, this enables a total output of almost 6 tons.

"Reifenhäuser is known for its high-quality, efficient lines as well as good service. That's why we chose the equipment from Germany and our expectations were absolutely met," says Mr. Tony Shi, General Production Manager at Canlon. The machines, which were installed in close cooperation between Canlon and Reifenhäuser over a period of several months, impress with the possibility of fast product changes, low production tolerances and a high degree of automation.


  • Founded in 2011
  • Location: Suzhou City, China
  • Employees: 1448
  • Products: Films for waterproof membranes
  • Customers: Building and real estate developers, owners of roofs for industrial and commercial buildings (at home and abroad)

Smart digitalization increases production efficiency

The digital solution c.Hub, which allows customers to connect their lines with each other across manufacturers, also provides Canlon with comprehensive transparency about the production processes. Reifenhäuser also appreciates the cooperation with Canlon. "Canlon has installed three Reifenhäuser lines at once, which shows the company's confidence in the quality and high performance of our lines. We are pleased that we were able to fully meet the needs and expectations of our customer," says Benjamin Pott, Area Sales Manager at Reifenhäuser.

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