Digitization makes it possible: Assembling and starting up a blown-film line in Turkey using smart glasses

Technical Support

Travel is one of the things the coronavirus outbreak has severely restricted. As an example, it is still hardly possible to travel to Turkey. Nonetheless, international customers need not go without Reifenhäuser’s support when they assemble and start up blown-film lines. Reifenhäuser is at the service of its customers worldwide and at all times thanks to the use of smart glasses. For example, one of our customers in Turkey used the support provided by Reifenhäuser Blown Film Visual Assistance to support its own staff in starting up the first of a series of lines. The line is now successfully up and running.

The customer’s assembly team sends the on-site assembly activity live by smart glasses to the Visual Assistance Cockpit at Reifenhäuser. Experts assigned to the project guide the customer’s team step by step using modern communications and based on specific instructions and checklists. Our experts also provide the technician with all the necessary information on an integrated display. All this is part of a software platform that instructs the technician with exactly what needs to be done in a specific situation at the right time.

Due to its enormous success, Visual Assistance has already been installed to start up Reifenhäuser blown-film lines all over the world. Support using smart glasses is one of many IoT solutions in Reifenhäuser’s Visual Assistance package to make its service portfolio available in digitized form.

Check out the Reifenhäuser Visual Assistance support now. We will be glad to advise you.