Jafra Plastic Industries enhances quality and reduces costs with new Reifenhäuser EVO Ultra Flat Blown Film line

Circular Economy

Jafra Plastic Industries LLC, based in Amman (Jordan), has successfully completed the commissioning of a brand new EVO Ultra Flat Blown Film line. With their new line, they will primarily serve technical films, lamination film, collation shrink-wrap, flexible packaging and barrier film for local markets and the Middle East region.

“We decided for the Ultra Flat Technology because it provides best film quality that will save costs on many levels. Our main objectives of the investment are increasing output, provide higher quality films, reduce the CO2 footprint by downgauging and ultimately increase our product portfolio.”

Naji Abu Shehab
Managing Director of Jafra Plastic Industries

With EVO Ultra Flat there is no more bagginess or camber: integrated directly into the take-off, it simply produces perfectly flat film - energy-efficient with moderate stretching of a few percent. This speeds up subsequent printing and lamination processes and saves adhesive and printing ink. Thus, film production is faster, cheaper, more sustainable, and leads to end products with an enhanced visual appearance. These are benefits that help to close a deal and increase market share.

Jafra Plastic Industries LLC was founded in late 1999 utilizing a small machine to produce agricultural mulch film and plastic garbage bags. Today, Jafra houses multiple cutting edge blown-film lines and produces up to 8000 tons a year of premium and customized films. It caters to a multitude of industries including technical films, flexible packaging, construction, agriculture and many more.