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Reifenhäuser continues joint aid against war suffering in Ukraine

Social responsibility
The association "Sankt Augustin and friends helps" has been supporting the people in Ukraine since the beginning of the war with aid convoys and urgently needed material. The Reifenhäuser family has now made a second donation of €80,000 to the association headed by Gunther Maassen. The money was used to purchase high-quality medical equipment, several wood-burning stoves and emergency generators. This will help to alleviate problems and hardships caused by damaged infrastructure on the ground in Ukraine. After the first donation in May 2022, the entrepreneurial family would like to continue to provide sustainable help and alleviate the suffering caused by the war for the Ukrainian population.

"We thank the Reifenhäuser family very much! With their support, we can make a big difference and provide great further assistance to the people in Ukraine"

Gunther Maassen,
Chairman Sankt Augustin and friends hilft e.V..

"Together with Gunter Maassen and the association, we are happy to make our contribution against the suffering of war and for more humanity"

Klaus Reifenhäuser

The association "Sankt Augustin hilft" has 116 members and has carried out 17 convoy trips to Ukraine so far. In the beginning, there were numerous private donations and help. Through months of unrelenting commitment, the association's profile has risen steadily, so that recently donations from institutions and companies have also increased. Recently, for example, a retired dentist closed his practice and donated the entire inventory for the aid in Ukraine. 

Information on membership and how to donate to the association can be found on the website

Joint aid: Stephan Vesper, Didi Hinscheid, Susi Reifenhäuser, Klaus Reifenhäuser, Gunther Maassen, Simone Schubert, Frank Zöller, Jutta Maassen (f.l.t.r.)

Photo: Reifenhäuser

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