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Merger of Reifenhäuser Blown Film successfully completed


The merger of the blown-film business units Reifenhäuser Blown Film and Reifenhäuser Blown Film Polyrema has been successfully completed.

The Reifenhäuser Group had announced in July 2021 that it would consolidate the competencies of the previously independently operating units to form a joint brand, Reifenhäuser Blown Film. This gives the new business unit more leverage to developing new technologies for standard and special machine tool manufacturing, and to cope with the ongoing growth. The previously purely organizational change has now also been incorporated in the company’s statutes.

The joint managing directors of the merged business unit Reifenhäuser Blown Film are Dr. Andreas Neuss and Marcel Perrevort. Both have several years of experience in executive positions in the blown-film business segment of the Reifenhäuser Group.

Managing directors of Reifenhäuser Blown Film: Marcel Perrevort, Dr. Andreas Neuss (FLTR)

Picture Credits: Reifenhäuser

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