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Social responsibility

How is the association doing, what are the animals doing? In order to get a picture on site and say "hello" to the team, Susi Reifenhäuser visited the association Elfen helfen am Wasserwerk at the end of September.

The association, founded in 2010, supports people and animals in need, provides targeted assistance for financial difficulties and creates access to animals for children in the riding stable at the Türmchen.

For example, leaseholder and occupational therapist Nina Feuerherm and her team run integrative riding groups for girls and boys to learn how to ride and to strengthen their own self-esteem through equestrian sports. Riding therapy can also significantly improve contact skills in the area of autism.

"It is really nice to see how the association Elfen helfen does good here in Troisdorf. We are very taken with the work and commitment here on site,"

Susi Reifenhäuser
Sponsor of the project

The background of the visit is the commitment of the Reifenhäuser company in the form of a donation of 10,000 € to the association. With this donation, Nina Feuerherm and her team were able to carry out many riding therapies and, in view of the beginning of the cold season, to purchase club sweaters with the Elfchen logo.

Preparations are currently underway for a riding camp with the ponies during the fall vacations. How good that the elves are helping.