Technology for filtration applications. Technology for filtration applications.

Technology for filtration applications.

Producing materials for applications that reliably repel unwanted substances and the smallest particles.

Consistent quality for the highest demands

Nano-size dimensions

They clean our drinking water, protect our environment and health, and can save lives: Filters must reliably fulfill their function. In water, air, gas, blood, and other media, they retain ultra-fine particles and droplets that measure nanometers. Reicofil Meltblown is the ideal material for this.It is just as suitable for absorption: The fine fibers of Reicofil Meltblown material have excellent absorption and barrier properties, for example for wipes or as a barrier layer in composite products.

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Applications for Absorption

  • Absorpent and cleaning wipes>
  • Oil extraction media 

Applications for Filtration

  • Air filters (cabin air filter, indoor, A/C systems)
  • Industrial gas filters
  • Liquids (benzene, water, etc.) 
  • Blood filters (dialysis).

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