Design Consulting and Optimization Design Consulting and Optimization

Design Consulting and Optimization

Know-how for your extrusion and injection-molding processes.

Achieve optimized melt quality

Do you require know-how regarding to your extrusion and injection-molding process? Take advantage of our design consulting and optimization services for screws and barrels made by various manufacturers and for all applications. Whether it is a matter of melt homogeneity or the quality of your end product, you need only specify your plasticizing performance requirements and we will supply you with the components to match them exactly.




For injection-molding and extrusion processes

Customized design

For instance, besides selecting the suitable wear-protection alloy, we also adapt screw geometry to your process. Our experts use state-of-the-art digital design tools and have access to the entire extrusion network within the Reifenhäuser Group. You can then achieve high process reliability, machine availability, and a constant, high melt quality.

Your benefits:

High process reliability and machine availability
Precisely matched components
Selection of suitable wear-protection alloy
Custom-adapted screw geometry
Reifenhäuser lines
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Blown film lines
Nonwoven lines
Flat film lines