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When helpers need help themselves

There are wonderful people who have made it their life's work to help other people in various difficulties. Here in Troisdorf, you can find such people in the ELFEN helfen e.V. association.

The elves here can, as we know from various fairy tales, actually work a bit of magic: these elves manage to make children and young people in need not only dream of sitting on the back of a horse, but actually ride on real horses. For women who have to stay temporary in the women's shelter house, the elves conjure up missing cots or children's clothing from their sleeves in a flash.

But what happens when these lovely helpers get into financial trouble themselves and they are thus deprived of their magic powers? Reifenhäuser heard about their worries and decided, to generously fill the empty treasure chests, as often happens only in fairy tales. What great joy for the elves!