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Human Machine Interface
Easy and intuitive operation


The new RF5 lines come with a completely new control system that is easy and intuitive to operate like never before. A contextualized user interface significantly reduces complexity. Users of the line first see the key parameters. By means of customized dashboards, they are also able to configure interfaces that contain the information that is relevant to them individually. The dynamic design still makes it possible to quickly look up further details.

Performance Cockpit

The Performance Cockpit shows all production key figures at a glance. By analyzing the data and comparing different machines, operators will be able to better detect unused potential and thereby improve their system availability, productivity, quality, and efficiency.


Optimal production parameters can be stored and retrieved as a file, called “fingerprint”. This significantly accelerates machine start-up and changeover between products. The results are better system availability and less waste. During production, characteristic values are continuously monitored by the system to ensure uniform quality.

Digital Assistant

With the Digital Assistant, operators are able to access all relevant information like machine documentation, product descriptions, technical drawings, and step-by-step maintenance instructions, or training videos. All information is stored centrally and can be retrieved from anywhere using mobile devices. Operators who are working directly on the line can also access specific information immediately by scanning QR codes. Beyond that, the Digital Assistant provides expert support via video calls and remote diagnostics vie webcam.

Reicofil Nonwoven Grading
Controlling quality

With Reicofil Nonwoven Grading, Reicofil is offering a new tool for immediate quality feedback during production. The grading can be adapted to the requirements of different target markets. When the actual quality deviates from the required quality, the system gives a warning and provides information on which process parameters to adjust.

Predictive Maintenance
Preventing unplanned downtime

The line informs operators of impending wear and component failure. In the medium term, this enables accurate predictions of the remaining service life of components. Customers will be even better able to plan maintenance and machine downtime and thereby improve the overall machine availability.

Detection of Anomalies
Monitoring machine components

The machine detects anomalies before they affect production. Using special algorithms, the system compares and analyzes large volumes of data. It learns what is the norm and thereby becomes able to detect anomalies. For example, the system is able to warn of leakage or errors early. This allows users to act preemptively instead of after the fact.

Virtual Sensors
Monitoring production processes

The RF5 technology increasingly relies on virtual sensors. In the event of a hardware defect, the sensors serve as a cost-effective back-up that ensures continued production. However, virtual sensors will also perform other tasks in the future: By measuring and comparing process parameters, virtual sensors may provide helpful information for the optimal machine setup, and maybe even make predictions – for example that a machine will soon start dripping. Then the system will inform the operator on how to avoid the problem.

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