Producing meltblown

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Reicofil Technology – the market standard for reliability and quality.

The quality of the meltblown material is essential for medical protection equipment. The filter function ensures that medical personnel can save lives without risking their own. The leading production technology that ensures the necessary quality and reliability for hygienic and medical applications comes from Germany.

75% of all hygiene and medical nonwovens worldwide are produced on Reicofil lines.

Sources: Price Hanna, Spunbonded and spunmelt nonwoven polypropylene world capacities, supply/demand, manufacturing economics and profitability, outlook 2016, own order intake and sales statistics.

Reicofil is the technology and innovation leader for spunbond systems in the hygiene and medical sector.

Source: Schlegel and Partner Study July 2019

Producing meltblown

An overview of the most important questions

What made Reicofil technology the market standard?

Material defects in medical applications can risk lives. So, it is essential that the quality of the nonwoven used is 100 percent reliable. Reicofil technology guarantees maximum safety.

  • High meltblown quality: filtration efficiency of 99 percent (N99 / FFP3 standard).
  • Zero quality fluctuations: guaranteed product properties.
  • Reliable machine technology: almost 100% line availability

What capacity does a line have?

A Reicofil meltblown line with a width of 1.6 meters provides a daily material output for approx. 1 million face masks. To produce these masks, ten conversion machines are required together with additional infrastructure

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